Nazanin Fara is not only the Iranian queen of beauty, she is also an early starter entrepreneur. She founded Olinda hair clip-on extensions and also Fara Beauty, boasting a luxury cosmetic line with eye lashes, gorgeous brushes, beauty sponges and face cleaning devices.

She writes her own blog and is having an impressive following on Instagram. On top of that, she still has time to model and collaborate with other fashion brands.

Today we meet her to get to know her better and learn a thing or two about entrepreneurship and how the beauty sector works.


Hi Nazanin,

Your studied Psychology, how did you decided to start something in Beauty? Was it because of your modelling?

I was falling in love more and more with different cosmetics and skin care products the more I used them.  My sisters and I had a lot of friends in common, and we connected over our love of fashion, beauty, and commerce. And one day we started talking about our makeup routines, I told them about my dream: to have my own private cosmetic and skin care line. They loved the idea too and they supported and helped me. On top of that and luckily, I have a husband who is very supportive.

When did you decided that you wanted to become your own boss?

My sisters and I started talking about forming the company in 2012. We sketched out a business plan on a napkin at a Chucky Cheese during my mom’s birthday party, but we did not start the company until 2013.

What piece of advice would you give to entrepreneurs that want to start in your sector?

I didn’t get where I am by thinking about it or dreaming it. I got there by doing it.

What other products would you want to add to the lines?

Skin care and a makeup line are my next steps.

Your brand is international already. Your products can be found in UK, Norway, Germany, UAE and Iran. How do you select what markets you want to go to?

We select the markets we want to go into by analysing the data we get through social media. It’s a very helpful tool to find out what products are hot and where.

You are Iranian. When did you move to Dubai? How was it at the beginning?

In 2010, I was incredibly shy and introverted and had minimal self-confidence. I didn’t have many friends in Dubai. I wasn’t popular at all. Once you get a better understanding of social dynamics (observe your surroundings), it becomes a lot easier to make friends and increase your social circles, no matter where in the world you are.

You can change so many things in your life, but you cannot change where you come from.

Do you think there would be changes that would open Iran for business to the rest of the world?

I really hope that happens in the future. It will benefit everyone. Fara Beauty started in Iran with one store and now we have two. Our focus was only on the Iranian market, but with our marketing strategy on social media right now we are selling our products all around the world.

How would that impact your business? What would be your plans in case that happens?

Our brand is already expanding internationally, we are not waiting for something to happen. We are going our own way. We are selling in Dubai, Germany, Iran, Norway, U.K at the moment. In today’s world everything is possible.

You have an impressive 1.9 million followers in Instagram. How does this help your sales? 

With our page, we get over 3000 hashtag mentioning our products, and that of course helps to push our brand and sales.

What are your tricks to grow an Instagram page organically to reach this level of following?

My team and I try to create content that is interesting to my followers and to myself. With daily posts regarding fashion, makeup, our products and then over time, convert them into customers.

It’s a lot of work – but when done right, it’s worth it.

You have two Instagram pages – one I imagine is more business oriented, and the other more personal-but both seem very personal to me. What mix do you use when it comes to content for one and for the other?

Yes, you are right both show personal images. The page with 1.9 followers it’s handed by our marketing team. My team´s goal with the page is intended for supporting makeup artists, uploading their pictures and tutorials to inspire others.

What are your plans for yourself and for your businesses?

Creating a global brand with makeup and cosmetic line.

Want to know more? Check her website and her instagram accounts : Fara Beauty and Nazanin Fara.