The first steps.

how to become a model

If you are pretty, tall and photogenic, maybe you are considering becoming a model. There are many different types of modelling. Models for runway and advertisements are the most sought after options. But how do you become a model? What can you expect to happen?

First of all, if you are serious about becoming a model you will need to create a portfolio. Make sure it is a strong portfolio. Once done, you will be able to start sbmitting them to the model agencies website.

The agencies will check your portfolio and see if their clients might be interested in your features. Whatever the outcome, never take any comment as something personal. Maybe their clients are looking for something very particular and it is not in you. You are still beautiful and should keep on working hard for it.

Once the agency might contact you as they will need pictures to see if the camera loves you or not. So, they will take some natural, no-make up portraits. These pictures are called Polaroids. Don’t underestimate those pictures, even if they seem casual. These photos will showcase you for possible clients and they will be part of your portfolio. They may choose you because of those pictures, so you have to be careful and make sure to have always great shots.


Modelling agencies are always searching for a fresh new face, so if you have the correct height (normally starting from 175cm or 5,75ft) you can start showing your portfolio to some agencies. Our advice is to look for an experienced model agency. Almost all the international agencies have a branch in the most important countries.

Sometimes they make also casting calls in different countries in order to find a ‘new face’. These casting calls offers you a good opportunity if you are living in a country without a proper agency. But then you better be prepared for travelling or even to relocate for some period of time.

In the UAE, there are some great model agencies that can keep you busy.

Leila Antakly from Wilhelmina Models advice is “Always invest in having proffesional pictures taken and work hard on creating a strong portfolio. It doesnt guarantee success, but it is a good beginning.”


As a photographer, I’m very concerned about the photos I send to my clients. Models, as part of this very visual business, have to do the same in my opinion. You have to take care of every single detail. Make sure you have great pictures to submit to your agency and have the right attitude towards the work.

how to become a model

Photos are the most important thing to become a model. Your portfolio must be consistent, professional and assorted. You have to include at least a pair of Polaroids and some beauty and fashion editorials. Make sure you have a photographer that is able to take the best out of you, that you feel relaxed and you trust- not only personally, but also professionally.

There are a lot of good quality photographers and they might want to upgrade their portfolio. You can always ask your model agency to recommend you a good one. Also feel free to leave a comment below. As a fashion photographer, working in a magazine, I had the opportunity to know a lot of them. I promise I will answer all your enquiries.