Dubai Fashion News Hello 2018
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2017 just finished and we have a lot to thank for. First of all, Dubai Fashion News turned 1 year! Yey! This year has been awesome on so many levels. It has been a year of firsts. A year of beginnings. Not only of the online magazine, also of our Dubai Fashion News podcast.

A year of interviewing super interesting people. A year of meeting amazing contributors that now feel more like family. Thanks to this adventure we learned a lot. From WordPress and Google´s “How to´s” to audio editing and recently also video! Yes, we started a Youtube Chanel that this coming year is going to kill it!

BYE-BYE 2017

The Dubai Fashion News Community keeps on growing and we love your interaction. Initially, fashion & beauty were supposed to be the only topics, but thanks to your feedback we expanded to health, art, and events. So, please keep sending us your comments and ideas to our email. We are here, and we listen carefully. You can find us at hello@dubaifashionnews.com.

During 2017 we have done giveaways (check the ongoing one!) and even hosted our first sponsored event in October. It was a Breast Cancer Awareness event where the ladies that attended got not only great advice from the doctors but also free check-ups, goody bags and some pampering time with our nail specialist. Check the video below. We were blessed to have by our side such amazing sponsors as HealthBay, The LightHouse, Skinade, Nasco and Friends Provident. Stay tuned for more events to happen!

End of last year, we also launched our own DFN Cinema Club. A small invitation-only community that gathers together to watch a movie and mingle. If you want to be part of it, just send us an email to hello@dubaifashionnews.com.

The Dubai Fashion News family has attended events, runway shows, interviewed designers and many other interesting people… and we loooveee it! Don’t miss our full report on the last Fashion Forward or other Fashion Weeks for example.

Art and Fashion are intimately connected and in UAE we are blessed because history is happening right in front of our eyes. No wonder our most read article has been the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. We were all very curious and the article hit more than 5.000 views.

HELLO 2018!

But all this is 2017. Now we have a brand-new year ahead to improve, to keep on trying new things, to make you happier and to have fun while doing it.

Dubai Fashion News Hello 2018
Meet part of the DFN Family!

Many people have New Year’s resolutions. We have too. Too many maybe! Which ones are yours? Most common ones are related to health, fitness or losing weight. Maybe you want to quit smoking, travel to exotic locations, read more, be more creative or learn something new.

Some are work related, maybe this is the year to get a promotion, quit your job or start your own company. If that is the case, kudos!

Right now, 2018 is full of promise and it will all depend on what we do with the precious time we are given. One piece of advice though, write down your resolutions in a list. Review if they are realistic. If not, you might consider making them gradually or break them down into bits and pieces. Instead of “Speak fluent Arabic”, maybe is more encouraging to “Finish successfully Level 1 and 2 of the Arabic course”. Instead of “Never ever smoke again”, “Reduce cigarettes gradually”.

Allow yourself some flexibility to accomplish your intentions and don’t feel bad if one day (or one week) you are behind the plan. You will win the war battle by battle. Perseverance pays more in the long term, especially when you want to create a new habit or change a previous one.


We got you covered! Depending on what your resolutions might be if, for example, you are up for a:

  • Creative start: Check the workshops and activities at The JamJar.
  • Entrepreneurial start: Check The Cribb and Astrolabs… They have not only great coworking spaces, also they organize trainings and meetups for their members.
  • Healthy start: Try to do more exercise and eat better. Join a gym (like Tribefit) or a Yoga class (at Ashram Yoga) or just get your beach racquets and hit the beach (check AcePlayMore UAE). And don’t forget to eat properly. Eliane from Eats and Treats DXB, one of our lovely contributors, will share with you some healthy recipes to keep your stamina up and your sugars and carbs down.

We will be doing all these and yet some more!